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” Biting Detector “

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Before I even get started I have to mention that this is not a SAMPLE SNITCH situation…SAMPLE SNITCHING is when you throw someone under the bus (Or publicly announce original sample sources), I don’t take part in that type of foolishness..

Matter of fact, I recently had to deal with a pesky dude begging people to enlighten him on what sample source I used for the “BE NOBLE”track I did with MF GRIMM back in 2012…..It was a corny fiasco to say the least…

Anyway, SEVERAL years back DJ BABU had a song called “OG” featuring SAS that I thought was dope….Interesting vocal sample, colorful gangbanging wordplay, a couple quotables, etc…

FFWD to 2015 – BIG SHUG not only named his album “Triple OGzus”, but he rocks the SAME exact vocal sample as BABU & SAS on his title track….Is it SHUG’s fault, or is it the producers (KID CALLED QUEST) fault, or is it merely a coincidence ?

HMMMMMMMMM……Check in for yourself for further analysis duke!!!!!

One response

  1. alter

    Mc shan beat biter on repeat shuges producer yo kid called quest sample the chamber brothers funky….I left my wallet in elcagando glad you peeped this dras………no love for toy bitting new jacks…..bitters have no knowledge of self.

    April 7, 2015 at 9:09 PM

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