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” Large Pro Speaks “

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Chairman Mao recently sat down with LARGE PRO for a in-depth Q&A session that is flooded with all types of jewelry..

“Breaking Atoms remains one of the most sophisticated pieces of productions in hip-hop history. What was the process of constructing it like?

In the studio, we had some heavy duty equipment. We had a synclavier, which was powerful at that time. Quincy Jones and the big dogs was using that. There is a part in “Snake Eyes” where we threw Jesse Anderson’s “Mighty, Mighty” in there, and that was all because of the synclavier. It wasn’t even us blending the record, it was us going to Tony P [at Libra Digital] and saying, “We want to use this whole part right here.” He was like, “Well, just play it.” He would press a few buttons on that synclavier, and it was just synced up, like magic. This was before time stretching and everything. That synclavier was heavy – a big, big tool for that Breaking Atoms album.”


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