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” Riot In The Streets “

Picture 6


Back in 1999 I got caught up in a mini-riot in Venice Beach, California during the height of a B-BOY SUMMIT afternoon….Luckily my “self-preservation” senses kicked in and motivated me to scale a 6 foot fence, merely seconds before a disoriented crowd could trample over me….

I witnessed first hand how the powers that be can destroy a peaceful gathering for no apparent reason whatsoever….Reminded me of that scene from BEAT STREET when dudes mother screamed on those cops for treating young people like savage criminals, just for dancing….I witnessed young women getting bashed with batons, BBoys dragged by their hair, old folks getting mashed out, and all types of unwarranted attacks on this unforgettable day….

After watching this clip I just had to shake my head in disbelief at how the media puts their spin on the TRUTH….

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