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” Lord Finesse : Cratery 71 “

Picture 3

Check out the latest episode of CRATERY (Arcee, Kaewonder, and Serious) with LORD FINESSE……Please do not sleep…

“On his favourite DITC productions:

“Still Diggin” is one of my fave Show joints [sings horn loop]. “Fat Pockets” remix too. Classic.

Diamond D:
I’mma say that Alkaholiks remix for “Next Level”. That was different than the other Diamond stuff that was out at the time. That one stuck out to me.

It’s a tie. I gotta say “Masta IC” Mic Geronimo”. How he put it together that was just abstract – from the drums to the loop. But I love how he hooked up that Organized Konfusion joint “Why” too. So I gotta mention that.

On the potential for an upcoming Lord Finesse album:

Hopefully later this year. Maybe Fall/Winter. I’m not a summer dude. I want everyone locked in the house listening. I done went through beats. I got like 4 joints solidified. But I don’t think I’ve done my best work yet. I’m just developing a sound right now. I’m taking my time. I don’t care about clubs, radio, I just care about making something that can compete.

Here then, is our Cratery episode with the one and only Lord Finesse.”


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