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” Dope Folks 2015 Mix “

Picture 1

Damn Friday is here already….

Those DOPE FOLKS dudes are back on the set with some 2015 mix action….Over an hour of slept on jewelry, under the radar cuts, etc..


1. OMNISCENCE — “Represent” from “Raw Factors Pt. 3″ (DF0054)
2. YOUNG ZEE — “Everybody Get (Q-Tip Remix)” from “Musical Meltdown Pt. 2″ (DF0051)
3. EXAMPLE — ft. D-Rose of Flow Factory “D.T.S.” from “Progressions: The Austin St. Suites” (DF0052)
4. RAST RFC — “Back in the Daze” from “Across West 3rd Street” (DF0059)
5. THA ALKAHOLIKS — “Mr. Troublemaker” from “Alkaholiks E.S.P. Demos” (DF0053)
6. MIC RIPPA — “96 Creamhunt” from “Mr. Mic Rippa” (DF0062)
7. DEEP IN DA CIRCLE — “Star of Da Show” from “Deep Waters” EP (DF0065)
8. RAS KASS, VOOODU!, ALMIGHTY ARROGANT, SAAFIR — “Handle the Truth” from “Pre-Soul On Ice Demos” (DF0060)
9. SIM CITY feat. ROC MARCIANO — “Sole Progression” from “Killed By Def Vol.3: SIM-E” (DF0055)
10. WILL VILL — “Outshine The Sun” from “The Arrival” Pt.1 (DF0058)
11. BLACK SHEEP — “Give it Up” from “Early 90’s Rarities” (DF0050)
12. DJ STITCHES & RHYME VALORE — “These Are the Dayz” from “Another Sleepless Night” EP (DF0060)
13. COURAGEOUS CHIEF — “Like That” from “The Birth of Popa Chief” (DF0062)
14. MONSTA ISLAND CZARS (KAMACKERIS) — “Mad World” from “The Come Up” (DF0056)
15. SNAFU! — “Blunt Smokers” from “Blunt Smokers 95-98″ (DF0066)
16. SCHOOL DAYZE — “Put Me On” from “Killed By Def Vol. 3: SIM-E” (DF0055)
17. DARC MIND — “Lyrical Blunt” from “Antediluvian Vol.2″ (DF0057)
18. WARRIORS OF SHAOLIN — “Network the Knowledge” from “Killed By Def Vol. 4: THE WHITE SHADOW” (DF0062)
19. DIVINE BEINGS ft. BLACK THOUGHT “We Can Get Fly” from “Whatever Tracks” (DF0048)


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