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” Yaggfu Front Steez “

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If I’m not mistaken YAGGFU FRONT was the first Hip Hop act from North Carolina to get a major record deal (Mercury Records)..Can you imagine a group as forward thinking as YF getting a major record deal in 2015 ?

Yes indeed times have changed, but lucky for us one of the founding members J BELS ROXWELL is still carrying the torch for the group…Head over to his Soundcloud page so you can scoop up new material, unreleased joints, YAGGFU mixes, instrumentals, etc…


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One response

  1. alter

    Left Field busted loop and where you get you’re bo Bo’s from me and my boy where just talking about them he said he bought there tape and was disappointed I had to disagree with him I wanted to tell him he’s crazy lol I liked the spacey left field block buster night beat and busted loop was a dope beat I def like busted loop. The purple and yellow cover.

    January 16, 2015 at 1:20 AM

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