Get Biz Kidz/ Havok Research/ School Of Argument/ NORTH STAR ZULU

” Tuesday Night Live “

Picture 3

” Word up man, I don’t really be fucking with niggas like that, word up, niggas see me, I be on my own by myself, I don’t really be around too many niggas, I keep my circle very limited man, shout out to those that I fuck with, and those that fuck with me”…

Those words by SAM HILL on “Lessons Learned” might be the best intro I have ever heard in my whole life…


Recently the BX rhyme slinger released a project (The Sam Hill Story) that showcases his original approach to MC’ing…


01. Intro (The Mudman Cometh) (prod. by Minnesota)
02. $am I Am (prod. by Jean Duvall)
03. Can’t Trust You (prod. by RTNC)
04. God Bless The Child (prod. by Adel Ismail)
05. Sunshine (prod. by Dirty Ass Andre Israel)
06. My F.A.T.E. (prod. by RTNC)
07. The Benches (prod. by Chop Da Beatz)
08. Bad Bitches (prod. by Molecules)
09. Hustler’s Holiday (prod. by Jean Duvall)
10. Lesson Learned (prod. by $amhill)
11. Poetic Justice 2 (prod. by Jean Duvall)


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