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” Hip Hop Treats “

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God damn….

“2014 has been an incredible year for vinyl. Sales in the UK are at an 18-year high, vinyl-only boutique labels are popping up everywhere, and now we have the Desktop Record Cutter (DRC) poised to hit the market, allowing users to cut high quality vinyl at home for a relatively affordable price.

The DRC allows users to cut their music onto wax in a matter of minutes utilizing what they call a ‘turn-key’ stereo cutting technology. Created by Australian inventor Paul Butler Tayar and his Machina Pro team, they are trying to raise a mere $10,000 AUS in order to expand the infrastructure of the project, create more machines and drive the price down from it’s current sum of $6,500 AUS per unit.

“The goal amount reached will dictate pricing,” notes Tayar on their Kickstarter page. “This is the most exciting part to us, if we all get involved, we can make the DRC more attainable for everybody.”

While Vestax threw their hat into the ring years ago with the VRX-2000, a machine that was loved by some but came with a hostile price tag, the DRC could make the splash that its predecessor failed to. With vinyl being where it is today, the obvious market is up-and-coming, small distribution imprints looking to keep their production in-house, and wealthy DJs with an insatiable white label fetish”.

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