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” Cratery 67 “

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JAKE ONE is the special guest for Cratery #67….


“His Cratery confession:
“I made a few beats off Cratery. One in particular turned out really dope. It’s definitely a slap. You guys had a few episodes with a couple things I had to jack.”

On avoiding old head syndrome:
“That’s the hardest thing in the world. But I honestly love what the younger generation is doing. I just try to keep what makes me good, but learn from what the younger guys are bringing to the table. Being an old head complaining on Facebook about the state of hip-hop is just not a good look. 20 years from now, the new kids will be reminiscing about how Soulja Boy was the man. It’s all relative to your generation. I just can’t go out like the Chi-Lites making struggle records in ’89.”

His thoughts on his hometown Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks:
“Just stay the course and you’ll be rewarded. To spend almost 30 years watching a team not be successful, and finally we win so dominantly? That’s the best feeling. And the victory felt better cause it felt like Seattle was on. Macklemore becoming the biggest thing in music had Seattle popping and then we win Super Bowl? It just felt good for the city not be purely on some hate shit for once (laughs).”

Why his homie Chan Dogg is integral to the fibre of the music industry:
“Chan Dogg is just a major factor in the game, man. There aren’t too many people that can tell you about Stevie Ray Vaughn guitar solos and James Mason album cuts. Plus he’s a got pretty decent collection of jazz records on Prestige that continues to grow in 2014. He’s definitely keeping it youthful at 50.”


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  1. alter

    Nice mix.

    December 4, 2014 at 10:48 PM

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