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” Aloha Got Soul Steez “

Picture 2

When I visited Kauai, Hawaii a few years back I was hoping I would stumble across some secret society record shops…Unfortunately after intense research and politicking I was unable to locate any spots that were “holding”…

Next time when I roll out there, I will hit up the other islands because apparently Hawaii has a deep history of funk/soul that many on the mainland are unaware of….

Peep this clip for a boost of Hawaii wax morale…

“…Over the last few years Honolulu native Roger Bong has made it his business to become the authority on Hawaiian records, chronicling his various digging adventures on his fantastic Aloha Got Soul blog and feeding the more voracious US and UK collectors with utterly neglected gems from the paradise isle on a selection of superb mixes.

The music, ignored and inaccessible for so long, is, thanks to Roger finally filtering over the ocean and is feted by the likes of Psychemagik, Floating Points and the hardcore collectors at BBE records for its sun-soaked and gloriously carefree breed of island-tinted soul, funk and rare groove. Heavily influenced by the US and recorded primarily in the 70′s and 80′s, it’s basically impossible not to fall in love with this stuff.

Now, for the first time, Roger has flung open the doors and given us an unprecedented look into the heart of the record digging scene in Hawaii on this lovely film, sharing five of his favourite records and providing an insight into the best record shops and markets on the Pacific archipelago…”

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