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” Repost Wreck : Major Stress “

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*Originally posted 12/1/10…This goes out to you MOBZ ONERZ..

If your growing tired of listening to sensitive busters on the mic, let me take you back to 1997 for a healthy dose of hardcore that will make you clench up your fist……Salaam Remi had a short-lived record label called Norfside…..Out of all the groups he put out, “Major Stress” showed the most potential in my opinion…They released a couple singles, and eventually put out a poorly distributed album in 1997 called “Up Against The Wall”……

Good stuff…….Plenty death threats, boulevard bully rhymes, stick up kid narratives, and very raw production supplied by Mr. Remi……

Here are a couple highlights…..

“Snakes To Burn”…Wow, if this doesn’t get your blood pumping something is fucking wrong with you…HAHA….

“Tell Your Crew”..Even with the off-kilter hook, this song still cooks and has managed to age well…

TRACKLIST (Against the Wall album)…

1.Snakes 2 Burn (4:35)
2.Cook Dat (4:05)
3.Gimme Sum (3:22)
4.Sippin’ Yo’ Mo’ (3:59)
5.Smokin’ & Fu**in’ (4:45)
6.If U Like Dis (3:28)
7.N.Y. Knickelbaggaz (4:51)
8.Crime Related (4:10)
9.Me & My Son (2:28)
10.Luv 2 Bag Ya (3:42)
11.Lighters In Da Air (3:37)
12.A Day In Da Stuy (4:32)
13.My Life’s A Fairy Tale (3:45)
14.Shot’s Landing (4:02)
15.Tell Yo’ Crew (4:16)
16.Reality Check (3:26)
17.1-2-Trees (Extended Mix) (4:32)
18.More & More (4:11)


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