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” Script Flipping “

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*Before you read this excellent article about Ice Cube by RAPPERS EXPOSED, please keep in mind that I believe everyone has the right to grow and expand as artist, but once you display concrete contradictions that alienate your original fan base you will be held accountable..

At one time Oshea Jackson was on the verge of being a catalyst for complete rebellion, now he has been reduced to a non-threatening shell of his former self in my opinion…Truth be told, I stopped checking for him right around the Predator era – too many sappy beats started popping up, wack synth lines, and a personal pet peeve of mine; cheesy sanging / singing on the hooks pretty much made me turn my back……

Regardless, it’s not in me to fully lose all respect for him…He is obviously a smart, half-way funny dude that has accomplished more than most motherfuckers will in their lifetime, BUT AT WHAT COST IS THE QUESTION !!!

Now that I got my personal opinion out of the way, please read this article if you know what’s best for you….It should have been called NO VASELINE PART 2….HAHAHAHAHA

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“Burn, Hollywood, Burn

O’Shea has made songs bashing Koreans, whites, Christians, and Jewish people as well as his own people. To this day he has never apologized and even continues to spread his hostility. Ice Cube is a hateful man to whom many people still continue to look as some example for black power.

However, it would be a stretch to believe that Ice Cube’s prejudiced rhetoric stems from a philosophy of black power. His very presence in Hollywood and in the music industry cries the exact opposite. The same Jewish people he has called out, the same white women he hates, and the same African Americans he has bashed are some of the very people who employ him, star with him, and write his scripts. Ice Cube is not only a fake gangster but he’s also a fake revolutionary. Some like to cheer him on as he talks about “the man” in his music but fail to realize that not only is he a part of the system, but also to a large degree he is the system. Who is the top rapper in Hollywood if not Ice Cube? Ice has risen to the top of the music and film industries, which have not yet changed to embrace true equality. The only way he could succeed in them is if he compromised in order to fit in. If Ice was any threat to the status quo, he would be blacklisted and put on the shelf just as others have been in the past.

Even though he rarely puts his own views up for public scrutiny, he has no problem with ridiculing others. For example, anyone who thinks “We are all praying to the same God” should take note of how Cube has portrayed everyone who doesn’t practice Islam. A prime example is Friday, a film written by Ice Cube that included a corrupt, adulterous, weed-smoking preacher played by Berrnie Mac. Just imagine his outrage if an Islamic Imam were shown in such a light”!


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