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” Battlefield Breaks : Repost “

Picture 3

*Originally posted a few years ago..I’m bringing it back because MEDIAFIRE deaded the link for some reason…SUCKAZ.

“I already splashed ya’ll with raw remixes (Strictly Weapons & Remix Weaponry)..Then I hit you over the head with grimy top shotta wreck (Every Posse Get Flat), so I thought it was only right that I dig in some of my dustiest crates to provide a dangerous explosion of break beat action…

These aren’t your average “run of the mill” breaks that you have heard a million times..What I did was incorporate some of my own productions in the mix to keep things interesting and unpredictable…

Anyway, big up to everyone that scopes out the BATTLEFIELD on the regular it is appreciated to the utmost”..



Picture 4

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