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” Freestyle Professors : Heavy Listening Mix “

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*Originally posted several years back…Please do not sleep.

Today, we pay homage to maybe one of our favorite group EVER.
The FREESTYLE PROFESSORS originate from Forest Projects in the South Bronx alongside rap legends Lord Finesse, Showbiz, Diamond D
and Fat Joe.
The crew was formed with one of the best rapper/producer in the game: Branesparker alongside ‘Don Q’ from the same projects
and a legendary DJ that used to be down with “Afrika Bambataa” named ‘Foxx.
They dropped their first EP in 1994 which became in 10 years one of the most revered underground records of ALL TIME.
A CLASSIC with the Showbiz produced track, “Down With The Freestyle Professors.”
Thirteen years later,they’re about to drop the highly anticipated lp “GRYME TYME”.
As an appetizer,Trinidad & Freddie Massif give you a taste of the work (past and present) of some of their heroes.
It includes classic,unreleased and exclusive material hosted by the original members : BRANESPARKER & GW. FOXXX.
Over 1 hour of REAL RAP by the BRONX GRYMIEST…Branesparker, Giff (formerly known as Geo), G.W. Foxx and J-Superia.
Oh yeah….NO bootlegs…you suckers


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