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” Vocabulary Spill, 4 “

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Recently I came across someone asking the very complex question, “Do you think Hip Hop will have another golden era”…

Like any dedicated Hip Hop student I thought long and hard about that question before responding with , “Hip Hop is currently in the middle of a golden era – you just have to know where to look…You wont find it on MTV, BET, etc, but if your vigilant and actively seek it out you will be surprised at the amount of quality music out there”..

Please do not get it twisted : I know there is an abundance of less than stellar releases out there on a daily basis…Yes I know it seems like the cornballs are winning and taking over, but it’s all about perspective my friend….So many dope labels have popped up in the last 7 years that are constantly providing very fresh unreleased material and new material that I refuse to become one of those throwback brothers that get stuck in time….


Do not get discouraged troopers – get your studies up, stay focused on your craft and support other artist that still take this art form seriously and make sure to spread the word when you hear some fly shit….


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