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” Silas Black : 1986 Closet Manifesto “

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I’m going to take you all the way to the 206 (Seattle) for some under the radar shit to rock out with….SILAS BLACK (Silent Lambs Project) brings original, unorthodox bar finessing on “Closet Manifesto” from the early 2000’s….Some of it is a little too abstract for me, but there were a few joints that I had to put in the mental rolodex…

HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD TOP PICKS – “Perseverance”, “Breathe”, “Model”, and “Rap Miranda”, ”

“Been cranking on the remastered and amended release of “1986”…..the newly compiled “1986 closet manifestos/slowburn” consists of 6 solid cuts from the early 2000’s that you never heard on album but you should have…deep from the ATB vaults these 6 unreleased tracks meld seamlessly with the 6 that we put out in 2006…you probably never saw any of that limited release neither…but if you don’t know about Silas Blak…aka Blak Washington, then you dont know about SEA hip hop… you may have also heard about production by sea legends BeanOne Yuktheworld, Specs Wizard, King Otto, Vitamin D, and a humble submission by yours truely and Matt Chapman as Dropcast…all these songs have been remixed and remastered and sound better then ever…not only do i get the privilege to work with Blak in the studio, but i am truely a fan…please go take a listen to some of the hardest cuts ive had the honor to be a part of”…


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