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” Midweek Power Boost “

Picture 7

The very talented Russian outfit Valentin Badiarov Group keep the flavors high powered on this mesmerizing album “Discotheque Music” (1984)….Hearing this type of frequency automatically transports me back to the skating rink, arcade, and backyard boogaloo era (But not in a corny way)…

Perfect for a long flight or a late night cruise…


1. Старт
2. Пробуждение
3. Свет
4. Танцуем
5. Осень
6. Ритмы большого города
7. Облака
8. Диалог
9. Мираж
10. Раздумье


One response

  1. donaleski

    hard on this one Dras, great pick, me be searching for it!
    peace D

    October 7, 2014 at 3:39 PM

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