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For the longest time I refrained from setting up a Facebook account or a Twitter spot…


I already have HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD which has been up and running for almost 8 years straight, also I couldn’t help but notice that most “social networks” are just a forum for beef, gossip, negativity, and other various forms of fuckery and self-indulgence…

But now we (MF GRIMM & I) are on the verge of releasing the final installment in the GMV series (The Phoenix Program) so it’s only right that I branch out and connect with the “people” a little bit more….If you want to build on MUSIC, look me up on the “book”, but if you just want to rant and rave and hit me over the head with all types of extras – you probably wont get a response back from me, with all due respect..


Please do not get it twisted though – HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD is the main hub for the kid….Matter of fact I plan on posting more shit now that Summer has come to a close so make sure you check in on the daily famo….


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