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” Let The Beats Rock “

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Sometimes just for fun I will scour all over the net looking for beat tapes that can hold my interest for five full minutes….To be honest most of the time that I try this little experiment I end up empty handed and left baffled by how hard it is to find a instrumental project that will stick to my ribs….

To each his own but I’m tired of hearing a million DILLA clones, suspect chops, sample kit kicks and snares, flimsy synths, overused breaks, and NO scratches whatsoever on your “beat tapes”…..

One of the major problems with SOME of these cats is that they have no DJ’ing background…Unless your extremely musically talented I just do not understand Hip Hop producers that think they can excel in crafting beats when they do not approach it from a DJ standpoint….

What’s your prerequisite ?

If you have DJ’ed for a substantial amount of time you automatically know what combinations belong together and which ones do not….If you have rocked a crowd behind those decks you are in tune to certain frequencies that move the people..

Anyway, that dude PAUL NICE recently uploaded the “Biscuits” beat project on his Bandcamp page…Check in and catch a zone (Via-OTTN).


One response

  1. alter one

    so true mfs be making beats on dell computers watered down electronic fake synth shit no feeling new jack mcs producers graff heads b-boys its been going on for a long time toys and bitters i dont respect these over night clones dudes never even touched a lynn asr-10 sp 1200 mpc xl 2000 etc i need dust hisp crackle analog cuts boom bap chop shop

    September 24, 2014 at 5:59 PM

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