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” Fluent On The Remix Re-Ups “

Picture 5

Green Llama crew member “FLUENT” is criminally slept on in my opinion…From “Uncut Raw” with Selfish, to numerous other projects he has released throughout the years – he has managed to keep his beats ugly and unpredictable…

Take a listen to “Ear Candy 2 Remixes” for further analysis..


1. Intro (Beat 4)
2. Brazilian Candy (Nas)
3. Spit Real Game (M.O.P.)
4. Dolla Bills (Raekwon and Ghostface)
5. Shit Is Real (Mic Geronimo)
6. More Weight (Gza)
7. The Bump (Nas)
8. The Bump II (Lord Finesse)
9. Fire Wayne (Cash Money)
10. Quickvibe (Beat 3)
11. Filthy (C.O.C.)
12. Gliding (Ghostface and Jadakiss)
13. Fully Automated (Cormega and Mobb Deep)
14. Phantom (Camp Lo)
15. The What (Cash Money)
16. Once Again (G Rap)
17. 80s Babies (Beat 5)
18. The Arson (Ghostface and Raekwon)
19. Attract Clientele (Nas)


One response

  1. alter one

    Shit is real and hemming heads mic geranamo my shit in 90s zalute

    August 22, 2014 at 3:07 AM

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