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” Fania Records 50th Anniversary Mix “

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Big up to everyone that has been checking out HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD for these past 7 years…It’s been a interesting journey..

Before this internet file sharing scenario popped off I was one of the most arrogant Hip Hop cats you would ever come across – but after scouring all over the net for multiple years, meeting different record dealers, and linking up with dudes from all over the world I realize there is so much more to know and it has humbled me, somewhat HAHAHA…..I have been a die-hard Hip Hop fiend since I was a kid, and it’s hard to believe I am still currently hearing dope joints from the 80’s and 90’s and 2000’s that slid past my radar….

Anyway, here is a explosive mix that pays homage to the great FANIA label…Salute to all my PUERTO ROCKS out there…

Track Listing
George Guzman – Cacumen
Ismael Miranda – Asi Se Compone Un Son
Ray Barretto – Acid
Willie Colon – Que Lio
Roberto Roena – Te Vas A Acordar De Mi
Monguito Santamaria – Boogaloo Sabroso
Fania All Stars – Block Party
Fania All Stars – Me Gusta El Son
Hector Lavoe – Para Ochun
Ray Barretto – Cocinando
Ralph Nobles – Taking Over
Johnny Pacheco and Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez – Sonero
Fania All Stars – Abran Paso
Monguito Santamaria – Todo es todo
Bobby Valentin – Amor Ciego
Ray Barretto – Mi Ritmo Te Llama

The legendary salsa label Fania Records turns 50 this year and we have gone into our personal collections for an exclusive Sound Colour Vibration mix covering various tracks from the labels first two decades. Our “Fania Records 50th Anniversary Mix” represents the labels sound and aesthetic from the 60’s and onward, full of the type of passion and creativity you rarely feel in modern music. Immersive, soulful and technical percussion tandem trails lines across the pulsating bass runs and thunderous horn lines. It’s music for the people, created by the people and there has never been another movement like it since. We were given help from long-time Mars Volta member Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez (Eureka The Butcher) in track selection and we thank him greatly for his contributions to this mix. He without a doubt made our selection variation much more complete. Salsa music at its finest, this one is meant to be played loud!


One response

  1. alter one

    Fania was always ill prelude tk disco etc etc keep hitting them in the dome props to cali.

    August 1, 2014 at 11:28 PM

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