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” Groove Morale “

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A funny incident happened to me while I was at the VENDETTA VINYL booth during the Beat Swap in LA awhile back….Unlike some of the vendors I always speak to anyone that approaches, my usual opener is something like this – “It’s a great day to go digging brother, can I assist you in any way…I have breaks on deck, Jazz, Psych, Reggae, Hip Hop old and new, what are you looking for today”?…

Some people might say that’s a little pushy, but I look at it as being courteous and I also get a feel for what type of frequency they are on from jump street…..

Anyway, this one cat said he was looking for breaks with a funny style smirk on his face..I replied, “Oh word that first record that is standing up in the first crate has some heat on it”…The record I was referring to was a GINO VANNELLI piece…..Yeah I know GINO isn’t the most obscure dude, but I dare you to tell me that he doesn’t have a impressive catalogue….

Dude gave me that corny, funny style smirk again and whispered “GINO isn’t really breaks” and calmly walked in the opposite direction…


Funny thing is that particular record has a drum break on it that I haven’t heard anyone fuck with……The whole point of this story troopers, is that you can find breaks anywhere in any genre if you are willing to actually LISTEN (He had a portable player so he could have)…I have found raw breaks on Country records, Children’s records, Library records of course,OST’s, Rock records, Psych records, etc…..

Please do not be afraid to venture out of your comfort zone to find groove morale or else you will be severely limiting yourself….And to that bozo that tried to play mind games – a wise man once told me, “If you act like a clown, you will be treated like one”….

With that being said here is some mid-week power boost type shit (And no, I am not implying that you should sample the material below, it’s a fairly recent release so that would be silly – but if you give it some decent burn maybe it will inspire you in the arrangement department next time you turn on your sampler)..

The backstory of The Bombay Royale’s protagonists is as rich and enigmatic as their music. Parvyn Kaur Singh (“The Mysterious Lady”) is the daughter of Dya Singh, a traditional shabad singer. Bollywood dance teacher by day and a rock chick by night, Singh is a product both of Melbourne’s music scene and a lifetime of performing traditional Indian music. The band’s male lead, Shourov “The Tiger” Bhattacharya, is a second generation Indian-Australian musician of Bengali descent whose day job is computer genius and IT entrepreneur. Band leader Andy “The Skipper” Williamson is saxophonist to the stars, who’s clocked up over 2000 shows on the Australian festival circuit with bands such as Labjacd, the Public Opinion Afro Orchestra and Diafrix as well as accumulating a record collection that’s the envy of crate-diggers and a source of the band’s collective inspirations.


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    True indeed I agree

    July 31, 2014 at 7:29 PM

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