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” Divine Styler Speaks “

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Former Rhyme Syndicate repper DIVINE STYLER recently caught up with the good peoples over at BLACK OTHER for a glimpse into his mind frame….It’s not often that he opens up to the public in a interview format so consider yourself blessed..

9: Def Mask is the name of the new LP? What brought that title about and how has the newer music been received so far? Do you think any of this set will surprise fans of the older material?

As you know Def was a term somewhat like dope but before the crack era which embodied, amazing, mystic, fly, innovative. A mask traditionally is used for drama on a stage to portray various characters in a play.
So the Mask aspect lends itself to the masking of the original source creating a multitude of contradiction through multiple faces and paradoxes in the individual thats playing the role in the drama.
For me it’s an observation as to where we are as individuals and a collective. I’m not expressing anything new. It’s been written about for eons throughout various forms of literature from people like Marcus
Aurelius to Carl Jung. It’s just my take on it. My interpretation lends itself to a more Dystopian/ Orwellian view, being that society is now being driven so much by technology and this group mind drone type
pathos that no one seems to be aware of is going on. With Defmask, I’m the mask wearer narrating the Dystopian drama of the id, ego & super ego.


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