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Picture 5

*In the above pic PRIZE ONERZ/GRIMM/ KHUFU ONERZ (The man responsible for all of the GMV artwork)..

GRIMM & I got the number five spot on the BIG EMILIO L.A. “Beat Swap” mixtape that dropped awhile back….NO I do not co-sign all of the selections on this joint, but on general principle I’m going to post it up for ya’ll…

Salute to everyone that came out to the Beat Swap this year for a round of sunshine, beautiful women rocking that fly Summer attire, heavy crates, and everyone else that checked in with us…..


1.”Pop” MindsOne & Kev Brown feat. Homeboy Sandman 06:01
2.”Buddha Bless” Starvin B 03:42
3.”Ridley” Vernon Bridges, Scatterbrain, 3D 02:46
4.”Smiling at the rain” Unknown Mizery 02:20
5.’Time” MF Grimm & Drasar Monumental 01:53
6.”At Night (3am Shit)” Buckshot 02:41
7.”Puro Desmadre” Odessa Kane 02:28
8.”No Need To Go” Jazz Addixx 03:55
9.”Hadouken” Def Dee & Zar 03:27
10.”Swamps Of Corruption” Sherlock Feat. Clark Gilliam 03:07
11.’Rap College” Starvin B feat. Spit Gemz and Tragedy Khadafi 03:52
12.”Conceited Confidence” Shabaam Sahdeeq 03:33
13.”City’s Flesh” John Robinson 03:17
14.”Jazz Infliction 96″ The Janitor 02:05
15.”Tag Team Taktikz” Da Bruze Bruvaz 03:22
16.”Fresh Rhymes Daily” A.C. the P.D. feat. Jess the Facts & Complex the Technician 03:28
17.”La Que Es Linda Es Linda” El Coyote y Su Banda Tierra Santa 02:35


Picture 6

Picture 8

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