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” Kid Jazz vs. Donald-D Repost “

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* Originally posted 12/26/11

Even though the Rhyme Syndicate only put out one full length album (Rhyme Syndicate Coming Through) they made a tremendous impact…One of my personal favorites from the crew “Kid Jazz” is still putting out music under the new moniker, J-Swagg……When I first found out that he put “swag” in his name I almost lost my composure…..I started having flashbacks of when other childhood heroes of mine let me down in the new millennium with sub-par material full of uninspired rhymes, new age cornball beats, and all that other shit (You know the scenario)…

But when I heard the song “Eat E’m Up Swagg” that rocks a chorus similar to L.L. Cool J’s “Eat E’m Up L”, I had to shake my head in disbelief…….Not only does he swipe L.L’s hook, he takes a few swipes at the Syndicate sniper Donald-D…..

Regardless, what your about to hear is a piece of Hip Hop history…….Earlier this year “Kid Jazz” rocked a interview with a cat named Thief The High Priest……Do yourself a favor and skip the first couple of minutes….HAHA..

You would be hard-pressed to find anything about Kid Jazz or his old group Domination on the net, so consider yourself lucky trooper….


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One response

  1. alter one

    Rhyme syndacite are legends j swag wtf how could you even and ll was a bitter himself mc shan proved that.

    July 7, 2014 at 8:38 AM

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