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” Breaks For Your Face “

Picture 2

Like I always say, ” A funky drum break a day, keeps the motherfucking suckers away “….


And a personal pet peeve of mine is hearing the same breaks over and over again…Thankfully on this podcast by RETRO ROLAND you will hear all types of rare, explosive breaks that will force you to catch a groove..

“Featured Artists In The Mix: Little Royal, Roberto Carlos, Kei Kobayashi, Marie Rottrova, Hachirou Aoyama, Funkshone, Dennis Coffey, Manu Dibango, James Gang, Deep Purple, MPB4, Mr. Bugle, Gustav Bron and Much, Much More!

I have another fun set of funky bboy breaks from around the world! Download and share the funky vibes as I do my best to bring rare grooves to the masses!

In this mix, I’ve included artists from Brazil (MPB4 & Roberto Carlos), Czechoslovakia (Marie Rottrova & Gustav Brom) , France (Michel Audiard) and more! Plus, I was able to drop some Deep Purple in blend and rarely played tracks by Dennis Coffey and Manu Dibango!

Have fun, let loose and don’t forget to download! Enjoy!

Pass the soul on, so the world can FEEEEEEEEL IT”.


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