Get Biz Kidz/ Havok Research/ School Of Argument/ NORTH STAR ZULU

” Big Rec On Deck “

Picture 5

BIG REC is one of the luckiest MC’s on the planet…Somehow he was able to secure a WHOLE album’s worth of beats from DIAMOND D (To my knowledge he has never done this before for anyone)…On the strength of that fact alone I decided to give his newest offering a full listen in the headphones for maximum effect (DOOMSDAY)…

HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD TOP PICKS – THE DAWNING, N.O. TO N.C.( I have heard this sample source a million times but I still love it to this day), I CRIED, NOWHERE TO RUN TO, and THE DUMB OUT…


One response

  1. alter one

    its good to still see diamond d doing his thing stunts blunts and hip hop psycotic n steeze

    June 7, 2014 at 12:35 AM

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