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” MF Grimm In The Kitchen “

Picture 1

My cuzzo MF GRIMM recently received the interview treatment by the creative folks over at THE KITCHEN MIX….

What’s interesting about these cats is that they combine their love of music with their love for cuisine….

*GRIMM even pays homage to one of my wife’s recipes…HAHA..

What are you trying to gravitate towards or stay away from, in terms of food?

“I eat a lot of seafood. I prefer seafood but being around certain people, I’m eating more and more vegetables. Lots of greens. I’m a meat eater but I don’t eat pork. I eat beef but not as much, occasionally. I think I’m pretty good, well-balanced. I kinda like to stay with the same thing so I’m kinda boring in that sense. I like to stay in my little comfort zone. There’s more things I like than what I stay away from. The list of what I stay away from is so little. I just try to eat as healthy as possible for whatever circumstance it may be. I drink a lot of juice; a lot of water and a lot of juice. I’m really about the juice and seafood.

“Music, you can feel it. Television, you can see it. Film, you can see it. Art, you can see it. But food, you taste the love – you taste the dedication.”

What about with projects? What are you trying to gravitate towards or stay away from in terms of projects that you’re approached with?

Actually, I’m really focused on Drasar Monumental and myself as a group. And of course Vendetta Vinyl. I’m not looking to do any appearances. It’s cool and I appreciate it but I don’t go looking for appearances. I’m kinda set with what I’m doing. I’m just focused on making music that makes me happy, first. Instead of being a commercial product. I’m staying away from anything that stops me from film and television. That’s where my focus is. As a musician, I can’t get away from it. I’m always gonna do it. I think I need to complete some individual accomplishments before I go search to be in a collective group of people. Especially the way music is now. It’s so saturated. It’s unfortunate that sometimes you can oversaturate yourself by just trying to please everyone and do everything. It’s not about how much you can pay me – it’s also about being happy with what you’re doing, being pleased with what you’re on and not just jumping on projects because you need cash. I’m attracted to things that are historical, that will be here 200 years from now. I’m not thinking about just today or tomorrow but tomorrow’s tomorrow. I’m picking wisely what I do from this point”.


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