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” Butcher Shop Steez “

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Dr. Butcher (One of the best names in the history of Hip Hop if you ask me) has been one of the biggest supporters of the “GMV” series….We have had long, extensive conversations about every nuance involved with the recording of these records ( We also share a deep appreciation for eerie, bugged out breaks) ….

To have one of my inspirations big up my productions has me not only charged up, but it also makes me want to dig deeper and keep challenging myself when I turn on my sampler…

I’m quite sure the majority of the HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD readers are well versed on BUTCHER’S contribution to this art form, if not you should do the right thing and get your studies up regarding this highly influential Hip Hop soldier !!!!


Here is one of my favorite Dr. Butcher productions…”Enter” off of the AKINYELE “Unreleased Hits” album…

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    May 31, 2014 at 2:35 AM

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