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” 2014 Morale : Money Boss Players Mixtape “

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99.9% of the time I review the material I post up, but I’m so hyped to hear this brand new MBP joint I’m going to let it fly after only hearing one leak previously……

God damn, I have been waiting for this like a motherfucker I’m quite sure your thinking along the same lines so quit stalling and do the right thing……


1.Take Money Inc & Boss Money – Extravagant (Prod. By Da Coke Pitcha)
2.Take Money Inc & Boss Money – Boss Don (Prod. By Fetti Krueger)
3.Take Money Inc & Boss Money – Statistic (Prod. By Da Coke Pitcha)
4.Take Money Inc & Boss Money – Chances (Prod By Strong Symphony)
5.Take Money Inc & Boss Money – Grateful (Prod By Da Coke Pitcha)
6.Take Money Inc & Boss Money – Quiet Storm (Prod By Koncept Beats)
7.Take Money Inc & Boss Money – Smoke Sumpthin (Interlude) (Prod. Beats By Busta)
8.Take Money Inc & Boss Money – Good Times (Prod. Da Coke Pitcha)
9.Take Money Inc & Boss Money – Legends (R.N.S.) (Prod. By Samjay)
10.Take Money Inc & Boss Money – Patience (Prod. By Da Coke Pitcha)
11.Take Money Inc & Boss Money – Testify (Prod. By Flawless)
12.Take Money Inc & Boss Money – Thou Shall Not Cry Ft. G5 (Prod. By Mista Marcus)


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2 responses

  1. donaleski

    is thee ish but to be listened in full stereo mode tho, def vintage feel wit a twist ov today’s beats… however it aint the original mbp, them last joints with the p brothers were ho too…
    glad u post dat one D,

    peace D

    May 15, 2014 at 2:09 PM


      I agree with you 100 percent on this one….Truth be told, some of these beats are downright fluffy for my taste…MBP still drop crazy bars all over this, but I wish they brought Minnesota & the P Brothers into the fold with the production…

      However this is just a mixtape – I’m quite sure when the album drops you will hear what you have been looking for….

      May 16, 2014 at 3:54 PM

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