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” Sam Hill : Sam I Am “

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“Sam Hill is an American English slang phrase, a euphemism or minced oath for “the devil” or “hell” personified (as in, “What in the Sam Hill is that?”). Etymologist Michael Quinion and others date the expression back to the late 1830s;[1][2] they and others[3] consider the expression to have been a simple bowdlerization, with, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, an unknown origin”.

SAM HILL is also the name of the BX rhyme slinger who spits in unique pockets, has a penchant for penning tales of inner city despair, and maintains a certain consistency with his material (IF ANYONE HAS A MP3 OF EXTREME WORDPLAY PLEASE SEND IT THROUGH)…

Head over to his Reverbnation spot to snatch up the “Sam I Am” compilation to start your Friday off correctly…


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