Get Biz Kidz/ Havok Research/ School Of Argument/ NORTH STAR ZULU

” New Shit On Deck “

Picture 4

” T.M.E. productions always come with that freshness, any rapper in the house I take em out like asbestos / your just another mark on my checklist, I eat rappers for breakfast and floss with his necklace “…


Those dangerous bars were crafted by my dude AKBAR and rocked on one of his latest releases – “I Have Company” Peasant Podium Records….The compilation features new music from TAME ONE, SADAT X, JOHN ROBINSON, EMSKEE, ETC….


1.Intro 00:32
2.We Got Company (feat. Akbar) 02:25
3.Put it on (feat. Mazzi and Vicky Green) 03:45
4.Lab 82 (feat. Shaz illyork, El Da Sensei & Oktober Zero) 03:21
5.Natural (feat. Gee Dubs) 02:30
6.Interlude 1 00:38
7.Street Royalty (feat. King Magnetic) 02:37
8.A Dope M.C. (feat. Len Berzerk) 02:26
9.Grey Skies (feat. John Robinson) 02:53
10.Interlude 2 00:25
11.Rhinoceros Funk (feat. Rhinoceros Funk) 03:34
12.Silent Hill (feat. Yahzeed) 03:01
13.Interlude 3 00:32
14.Special Effects (feat. Tame One) 03:50
15.El Greco (feat. Dave Dar) 02:53
16.Live From Pehlam (feat. Emskee) 03:44
17.Derek X (feat. Sadat X) 02:05


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