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” Midweek – Morale “

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I usually don’t rock comps too tough, I’m more into well thought out mixes to be honest…But for some reason today is the day I feel it is necessary to put the spotlight on a few comps that caught my attention…

On the third comp of the day DJ Wickstarr from the UK pulls out the big ammo for a journey into sound that will leave you speechless….If you think I’m bullshitting take a listen for yourself…

Nasty open drum breaks, sample source cuts, secret society beats, intricate composition and all types of other wild shit on deck…DO NOT SLEEP.


1.Yasuko Kawashima-Omoideno Screen
2.Arif Mardin-Dark Alleys
3.Bernard Purdie-Black Purd’s Theme
4.Big Bill-Space Caca Del Toro
5.Butts Band-Corner Of My Mind
6.Christine Chartrand Et Claude Steben-Les Deux Pigeons
7.Climax Chicago Blues Band-Louisiana Blues 8
.Crown Heights Affair-It’s Me Who Loves You
9.David Axelrod-Wandering Star
10.Dick Walter-Spooky Doo
11.Eddie Bo-Hook and Sling Part
12.Exotic Guitars-The Enchanted Sea
13.Flash-Marquis of Kensington (1967)
14.Amedeo Tommasi Edda Dell’Orso-Thomas
15.Art Webb-Love Eyes
16.Fontella Bass-Talking About Freedom
17.Fred Bongusto-Pensieri
18.Gil Melle-Dead Weight
19.Hysear Don Walker-Poo Jo
20.Jack Arel Jean-Claude Petit-Psychedelic Portrait
21.Janko Nilovic A L’ombre De Notre-Dame
22.Jean-Pierre Savelli Francis Rimbert-Transat
23.Joe Bataan-Chick-A-Boom
24.Joel Vandroogenbroeck-Computer Groove
25.John Martyn-Solid Air
26.Julius Brockington-Forty Nine Reasons
27.Kunihiko Murai-Hardboild
28.Lee Moses-Reach Out, I’ll Be There-Day Tripper
29.Malinga Five-Song For My Lady
30.Martin Denny-The Enchanted Sea
31.Meri Cetinic I Grupa More-On Je Moj Bol
32.Misa Blam-Sedam Dvadeset Pet
33.Stas Namin Group Top # 22
34.Ralph Carmichael The Young People-A Quiet Place
35.Rudy Norman-Back To The Streets
36.Stefano Torossi-Feeling Tense
37.Tema Di Susie
38.William B. Tanner-The Cat Series I
40.Yutaka-Breath Of Night
41. Unknown Track
42. Unknown Track


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