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” Daily Diggers : S.U.N.S.E Mix “

Picture 5

It’s been almost a year since my dude KD from DAILY DIGGERS has posted anything at his spot…

He recently popped up with a new header, new background, and a new mix so it’s safe to say that he is back on the set to wreck….LONDON STAND UP!


SWAT – Mystery Record
Akiwawa – Village Crusaders
Soulful – The Apostles
Dikala – Manu Dibango
Side Saddle – Donald Austin
Iron Leg – Mickey & The Soul Generation
Oohh Wee – Volcano Kpache
Ready To Rock – Aidan Orange
Popcorn – James Brown
Trans Europe Express – Kraftwerk
Scorpio – Grandmaster Flash & Furious 5
Rocking The Planet – Hashim
Electric Kingdom – Twilight 22


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