Get Biz Kidz/ Havok Research/ School Of Argument/ NORTH STAR ZULU

” DJ S-KY : Remakin Mix “

Picture 7

DJ S-KY from the COOKING JAX crew out in Japan is behind the decks for the “Remakin” mixtape that rocks some heavy selections, so quit stalling and snatch this up with a motherfucking quickness troopers….


Cookintro …
Brassmunk / Serious Business
Kess / Against The Law Pt.1
Finsta / Crush
Finsta Bundy / Where Ya At Pt.2
Street Smarts / Problemz
Amp Boogie / Bluntly Speaking
Cesar Comanche / Lamb To Lion
King Sun / Sipping Brandy
Wise Eyes / Back In Time
Nas / One Love (Q Blend)
Alps Cru / Loudmouths
Alps Cru / No Question
Obstacles / Obstacles
Shadez Of Brooklyn / Paradise
Mathematik / The Perfect Storm
Group Home / So Called Friends
Royality / Word Play
Naledge / Clothes, Hoes N Liquer
Dan-EO / Dear Hiphop (Return To Sender)
The Inviseez / Haggen-Daj
Sparrow The Movement / What You Expect
MF Grimm / Scars & Memories
E. Bros / Funky Piano
Black Sheep / Let’s Get Cozy
Diamond / The Hiatus Remix


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