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” Divine Styler : Architectonic “

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I was surprised just like you probably are to hear that DIVINE STYLER had a surprise up his sleeve for 2014…Instead of doing the “impulsive blog post thing” like the majority of cats do nowadays – I made sure to give “Architectonic” a thorough listen….

The production is not exactly my cup of tea (You know how I rock on this side), but the way DIVINE completely blacks out on the track has me in complete shock mode right about now, plus the video is creative, dusted, and original just like I have come to expect from him over the years….

This RHYME SYNDICATE alumni hasn’t lost a step….

Architectonic, the new single from Divine Styler – taken from his forthcoming album ‘Def-Mask’.

Tour scheduled for late 2014 – Contact for more details.

More info at and

One response

  1. Donaleski

    no doubt Dras, he still has it with this one. Always liked his flow, as for the beat thats proper to Divine Styler. The video is indeed crative n dusty. I quite enjoyed his last wordpower 2 lp…
    great post,

    peace D

    March 21, 2014 at 2:24 PM

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