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” The Funkyman Speaks “

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Here is another dose of BX action – this time around Mr. LORD FINESSE rocks a little Q&A with the folks over at HIP HOP TERRORDOME….

Ghost Effect: There seems to be a disconnect between the “old school” and “new school” Hip-Hop generations. Why do you think that is?

Lord Finesse: “I believe in a few things. I believe in good music and being different. Most of all I believe you must know your culture. The disconnect comes from the new generation’s lack of knowledge about their culture. They get on interviews and call older artists ‘irreverent’ but they wouldn’t be able to do that in Jazz, Rock n’ Roll and R&B. You can’t go to the R&B scene and start calling Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye and Stevie Wonder irreverent because they’re old. They wouldn’t have that. Newer generations need to realize a lot of people like Afrika Bambaataa and DJ Kool Herc and a ton of other artists laid a lot of groundwork for you to be where you are. I don’t care what anyone rhymes about. It could be about pink rhinos, purple spaceships or what ever. All that matters is that you know and love your craft and culture.”

Ghost Effect: What are some solutions to this problem?

Lord Finesse: “The new generations need to have a plan before entering the music business. Some artists want an audience and some want a fan-base. We need to let them know the difference. A car crash can get an audience but once the scene is picked up the audience goes away. A fan-base grows with you. They’re there through thick and thin. I started making music because I wanted to contribute and make an impression. I have been blessed to have a good fan base. In order to get a solid fan-base you must have love for the culture. You come in with the pure intentions to become an artist but when radio and making club records come into play your intentions become watered down. When you do that you end up selling yourself out just to fit in. You must understand your culture, be a risk taker and become business savvy.”


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