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” Rob Swift : MF Grimm 101 “

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On ROB SWIFT’S Hip Hop fun facts 2.0, he drops all types of jewelry about his 20 plus year relationship with Grandmasta MF GRIMM……..

MF Grimm. To put it simply, the name rings bells yo! Like not only in New York. I’m talkin’ WORLDWIDE! Some of y’all reading this might be familiar wit’ the name but don’t really know the half ’bout the inner workings of my relationship wit’ Grimm or the 6 degrees of separation which connect he and I. So wit’ that. I’m dedicating this latest installment of DJ Rob Swift’s Hip Hop Fun Facts to my brother, Mutha Fuckin’ Grimm.

Unbeknownst to me, Grimm would be connected to a second brother from another mother —-> Dr. Butcher. As the Universe would have it, Grimm, for a small period of time, actually lived with Kool G Rap predating 91. Dr. Butcher DJed for Kool G Rap. So that right there is the genesis of the relationship between Drew Daddy and Build and Destroy (Grimm’s original name)


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