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” Straight Talk “

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Here is the text version of the interview MF GRIMM & I rocked with CLAAA7 from the Lost Tapes site out in Sweden…..He asked some well thought out questions, instead of your average run of the mill shit that you have heard a million times…

CLAAA also gets props for taking the time to fully analyze the album in a thorough fashion (seems like a lost art these days unfortunately)…


c7: Your music on the “GMV” series reminded me of in spirit is the original free jazz movement, by being chaotic and wild and free while still keeping a well balanced structure. It gives me the same feeling as when I listen to someone like Ornette Coleman.

DRASAR: Exactly, that’s all by design, it’s to try to make the samples move. I don’t claim to be an originator of any kind of styles, or a pioneer, nothing like that, I just try to bring a certain uniqueness and let there be a free flowing thing like you were talking about, you know, but also have a foundation in there, and the foundation would be breaks. The foundation would be dope drum programming, you know what I’m saying, heavy percussion! So even within that free form there’s still something deeply rooted, there’s still a nucleus to it… And I think that’s what’s missing a lot these days with production these days is that people try to be too experimental without a center, like there has to be some kind of foundation…

Yeah, that’s basically how I feel and you’re gonna hear more of that on “Good Morning Vietnam Part 3” – unpredictability! You’re talking about Ornette Coleman and how they would improvise and things like that and I want the beats to be like that too, cus’ you can’t tell what’s Grimm gonna say after every line, after every bar, you can’t predict it. And I want the beats to be like that too. There’s gotta be a synchronizity or marriage with that type of belief system right there, you shouldn’t know exactly how I’m gonna change things around, you shouldn’t know how things are gonna fall on a regular basis, you know what I mean.

But I also have to say that I’m still a student, you know, even though I’ve been making beats and been involved with deejaying for the majority of my my life, i’m still learning every single day. You know I’m far from a master, you know I’m just a hip-hop student, I don’t want any other titles anymore, there’s no need for any titles but if there was gonna be one, that title would be dedicated hip-hop student! You know, that’s my whole perspective, you never stop learning, you have to keep your ears and your mind open for different possibilites in hip-hop.

PART 1….

PART 2….

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