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“More Library Pressure “

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Being a die hard Hip Hop trooper trying to raise a three year old son has been a trip thus far….One thing that has really bugged me out is watching him naturally catch the “HOLY GHOST” when he hears certain breakbeats rocking…

As long as I can remember his spirit seems to go into “HYPERSPACE” as soon as those thunder drums catch momentum…So I enrolled him in a B-Boy class to make sure he gets the opportunity to rejoice and dance with other kids, learn the fundamentals, and add on to the magnificent legacy of this influential artform…….

I remember when my elders used to clown B-Boying and constantly told me it was a passing fad…FFWD to 2014 and my youth is carrying the torch for the cause…


Anyway, the weekend is right around the corner – here is some theme music to bang out with…..

Compared to the big players like KPM, Bruton and De Wolfe you can hardly find any albums from the Bosworth library on the internet (one notable exception being the fantastic “Super Sounds Of Bosworth” comp). This is a shame because the music contained within this collection is top shelf. Most of the tracks find a perfect meeting point between funk, jazz and rare groove with some excellent breakbeats adding further spice to the mix. There is some crossover with other library compilations but who really cares when the quality is so consistently high? The tracks by Paolo Zavallone And His Orchestra are superb, familiar names like Teupen, Bastow and Snell all shine and “Hula Rock” with its subterranean bassline is always an enjoyable listen. The key to the Music For Dancefloors series is that the compilers took a disparate range of music and put it together in a way that sounds organic and compelling. It’s truly a must have.


Track 1 – Yellow Fever / Paolo Zavallone And His Orchestra
Track 2 – Papillon Rouge / Paolo Zavallone And His Orchestra
Track 3 – Two Wat Stretch / Toni Campo
Track 4 – Tropical Scene / Johnny Teupen
Track 5 – Big John / Paolo Zavallone And His Orchestra
Track 6 – Sparkling Music (Speedometer Mix) / Paolo Zavallone And His Orchestra
Track 7 – Mr. Buzz / Piet VanMeren & The Flying Dutchmen
Track 8 – High Spirits / Alberto Mayer
Track 9 – Percussion Monoton / Bob Downes
Track 10 – Crab Apple Jam / David Snell
Track 11 – Cat And Mouse / Summer Style
Track 12 – Chez Vous / Paolo Zavallone And His Orchestra
Track 13 – Fillet Of Soul / Geoff Bastow
Track 14 – No Exit / Daniele Prencipe & John G. Tyssen
Track 15 – Knitting / Wolfram Brunke & Gary Pacific Group
Track 16 – Modern Times / Midas Touch
Track 17 – Hula Rock / Lewis Howard
Track 18 – Indian Dream / Brian Green & Saul Nathan


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