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” Graff Morale On Deck “

Picture 4

* In the above photo – Orko, Slang, and Trixter, 1988.

I recently met up with my dude from Chiraq, MATTROCKS to catch up on some things, crack jokes, and go in-depth about the glorious history of Chicago graff….

A few years back he helped put together a strictly Chicago graff documentary called “I Write On Stuff” that will give your graff morale a healthy boost….Over an hour of nonstop jewels….

“From within the vast depths of Chicago’s graffiti culture, the artists who took part in this massive movement give a unique perspective in telling the story of a now silenced voice.

At one time, Chicago had a huge graffiti culture whose presence was felt all over the city. Graffiti was everywhere. In an attempt to stop this movement, the city launched a series of counter-attacks. When imprisoning these people didn’t stop them, the Graffiti Blasters were introduced. A fast acting clean-up force that quickly wiped out almost all the graffiti in Chicago. From a citywide art gallery, to being covered by coat after coat of brown paint.But the battle still rages on”.

Peep in its entirety….

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