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” Library Wreck “

Picture 3

First of all I want to send a big salute to everyone that checks HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD on the daily (I SEE YOU)…..

I’m going to keep launching nonstop heat on a regular basis – so make sure you stay tuned or you will miss out on certified jewelry, for instance this “Beat Action” RKM library record from 1980 is loaded to the brim with all types of explosive shit…

You know the motherfucking drill…


A1 Ralph Benatar – This Very Moment 2:48
A2 Douglas Lucas – Take Care 3:04
A3 R. Dero – Soul Melody 2:56
A4 Ralph Benatar – Do It 2:06
A5 Ralph Benatar, B. Ador* – Rhythm Cascade 2:11
A6 Ignace Baert – Wild Boy 1:54
A7 Ralph Benatar, Leonil McCormick – Miami Heart 2:32
B1 John Sluszny – Just For Love 3:11
B2 R. Dero – Danger T.N.T. 2:10
B3 R. Dero – Mooy Feeling 2:28
B4 John Sluszny – Moody Disco 3:33
B5 John Sluszny – Funky Mood 1:28
B6 John Sluszny – Russian Disco 2:10
B7 John Sluszny – Indian Call 2:42


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