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” Rob Swift Drops Jewelry “

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X-ECUTIONER Rob Swift recently posted up an article on his website that is definitely worthy of your attention…

Turntablist Doe: “The goal of a battle DJ these days is to figure out how to fit as many techniques and skill sets into 6 minutes. That’s why competitors are pre-producing their sets. It allows them to save time lifting the needle up and swapping records from the Turntable.”

Me: “…but don’t you think as a result, a part of the human element is being lost by pre-producing your sets though? Do you even realize that every time you switch records tension builds in the audience? That anticipation you feel as a spectator is so important to the exchange of energy between you and the DJ on stage. It’s like you hear a new song being dropped in and you’re anxiously waiting to see what’s gonna be done to that track. You lose that when you pre-arrange your sounds. Plus, I thought the whole point of what we do is to play a song the audience is familiar with, hone in a specific section of that song, then flip it completely different from the way it originally sounds?”

Turntablist Doe: “That’s the old style Rob. That doesn’t fly any more. Personally, I like being able to pre-produce my sounds. It allows me to perform my set perfectly. And if you think about it, figuring out how to line up a kick, snare and horn so that everything falls exactly where I need it is sort of creative in of itself.”

Me: “I don’t agree man. What’s wrong with being imperfect. You’re human. You’re not a robot. And yeah, lining up a kick, snare and horn makes the physical process of beat juggling easier but that’s not being creative in the true sense of the word. At least as it pertains to DJing/Turntablism. Being creative is taking a sound you want to create a melody with, brainstorming how you could extend that sound and solving that mystery by taking a piece of tape, placing it on the part where the sound ends and manually making it loop. Then, adding drums on the free turntable to create an entirely new beat. THAT’S BEING CREATIVE!”


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