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” 2014 : Battlefield M.O. “

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When I first started HIP HOP BATTLEFIELD I spent a great amount of time dissing the cornballs, blowing the whistle on the fuckery, and venting recklessly about how Hip Hop was being overrun by perpetrators….

FFWD to 2014 – I’m still upset about certain things that surround this artform, but I feel it’s more constructive to shine a spotlight on the music that doesn’t get enough recognition instead of wasting energy and time on the suckers……Yeah, I’m still going to pull a few cards every once in awhile – but the MODUS OPERANDI for 2014 is going to be the same shit that I have been doing over here for 6 plus years: posting fly Hip Hop (past and present), graff, B-Boy shit, breaks, mixes, under the radar heat, Hip Hop treats, demos, books, a dash of Reggae, etc…..

Salute to everyone that has rocked out with me……I see you and I appreciate the comments, check ins, opinions, hatred, support and all that other shit that comes with a public forum….


One response

  1. TR

    i only see good things here, thanks from europe for the mind nutritive music and culture.

    January 3, 2014 at 7:58 PM

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