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” Streets Is Talking : GMV-2 “

Picture 7

I recently stumbled onto a thread on the UGHH forums where people were talking about “GMV-2” being the album of the year….

Can’t even front, I was excited to see it up there because MF GRIMM & I put a tremendous amount of effort into the project, and it’s rewarding to see that cats appreciate our creativity….A couple clowns tried to chime in with that foolishness, but to be frank, I don’t give a flying fuck…

There are still a few copies left, you can scoop up the vinyl HERE…


GRAFH WROTE – “As a longtime Grimm fan, I can honestly say that the first Good Morning Vietnam features what might be the best rhyming of Grimm’s career. Dude just absolutely spazzed on that album. Impressed the hell out of me. Haven’t peeped the second one yet, but plan to do so obviously”.

GUMBY WROTE – These two Vietnam albums are fire…I just bought them off amazon for my ipod….Good shit…


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