Get Biz Kidz/ Havok Research/ School Of Argument/ NORTH STAR ZULU

” Midweek Flavors “

Picture 12

Even though PHIL MOST CHILL claims to not be a DJ, he has a better concept of flow and composition then a lot of DJ’s that I hear these days….Plus he comes equipped with plenty head nodders to perk your ears up (Most Of My Heroes Don’t Appear On No Stamp)….

“When my album “All Cuts Recorded Raw” (unreleased songs from the late 80’s) was put out on DWG Records in 2011, one of the questions I was asked was “wow, so why didn’t you ‘make it’ back then?” This mix is pretty much the answer. The emcees you hear on this mix are some of the greatest in Hip Hop history- KRS One, Chuck D, Big Daddy Kane, Rakim, Slick Rick, Biz Markie, LL Cool J, Run DMC. They were so incredible that I didn’t want to even release any of my songs unless I felt I could do as good or better than them. They showed me what a dope Hip Hop record is supposed to sound like. But my biggest inspirations were the pioneers of Hip Hop, represented on this mix by the Cold Crush Bros, and GM Flash & The Furious 5. Directly or indirectly, crews like them are the ULTIMATE inspiration and influence for every person that is a part of Hip Hop music. This mix features some of the rarest and / or most underappreciated joints by my Hip Hop heroes”.


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