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” MF Grimm Speaks On Unkut “

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Fresh of the heels of our latest release GOOD MORNING VIETNAM, Grand Masta MF GRIMM speaks to Robbie from Unkut for a in-depth interview…

Robbie: It must be exciting to release some new music.

MF Grimm: This time around with Drasar Monumental, I feel like I’m just starting my career now, working with him. I’ve never been able to work hands-on with a producer like I’m working with him. It’s more than music, we get along like brothers. It’s not about profit margin, it’s about making quality songs and music. I have so much to learn that it’s fun to be around him, we’re both students of the game. Every song we did was created on the spot, was written that same day.

What else are you doing these days?

I’m currently the president of a multi-media company called Arch Enemy Entertainment. We work with USA Today, which goes out to 11.9 million people, so I’m in film and television. I’m responsible for a lot of writers, illustrators and animators. Music is something which I can only do when I make time for it. I started working with them in 2008 in marketing, and I made president in 2011.


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