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” M.F. Grimm Week, #6 “

” Bullets are homeless / and the homeless need a place to rest “….

That is one of the meanest lines written in the entire history of rap..


When I listen to this song today, I instantly transport back to 1994 when I first heard this on KCSB-FM…Here a couple reasons why I classify the “What A Niggy Know Remix” as a sure shot classic…

1…By 1994 many producers had rocked vocal samples (“I’m Not Your Puppet” by Hi-C & “Tearz” from the Wu-Tang Clan come to mind), but no one was freaking them on 45 at the time (prove it to me if you think I am wrong)…

Over a decade later, Kanye West, The Heatmakers, and many others made this production technique commonplace with less than stellar results in my opinion….

2…Even though “So Watchu Want Nigga” had already dropped, this is the first time many people (including myself) heard Grimm on the mic..

3..Grimm is in straight up B-52 bomber mode with many venomous lines,

” I keep my ugly rhymes in the cellar of my cranium / where no one can see them, but he’ll cry for freedom “….

Or the equally sinister, “Your deader than a door nail / lips blue, skin pale, all hail Grimm”…

Damn…..I could literally go on for days breaking down the fine points of this remix, but instead I will just turn the motherfuckin volume up and catch a zone…..


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  1. PrizeGFC


    November 8, 2012 at 12:31 AM

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