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” Under The Radar Rockets “

Doc Delay recently unearthed three mixes that are flooded with obscure Hip Hop gems from the late 80’s – early 90’s…

This is what he had to say regarding the “Medium Rare Mix” series…


“I’ve been making this Rare Rap mix Series Since 2003, and with the web-only release of the 4th edition, I thought it might be blog worthy to share the entire series and provide some history behind the projects. Not every track in this series is great, but there’s something that I found unique enough about every song to include them. The first volume is definitely the most dated sounding and I cringe at the sound of some of my cuts, but it’s interesting to follow the trajectory through the years. I used an alias given to me by this dude Hermitcrab – Tom Thumz. The CDs sold around town and people gave me some great feedback. A few promo copies came in actual supermarket meat trays. The second was part of a double CD package that went with me on a 2 month tour of Europe so most copies ended up over there. I kept catching more and more of these records that I never knew existed, and rediscovered things I had buried for years. The outro on II is my favorite. We recorded this guy Mel in Union Square and he claimed to have been MC Shan’s baby sitter. Volume 3 was the most widely distributed. 1000 were pressed and Traffic had it in stores everywhere. As more and more discoveries fell in my lap, I couldn’t help but try to amass enough for another mix. Volume 4 was recorded one weekend in March 2009, and by the time it was done, there was no drive or energy to try and package and market another hard copy.

Last week, my friend Raj over at Soulstrut posted the fourth mix on the site’s front page and helped breathe some life into the project. I thought I would use the opportunity to share the entire series. So, here are the first 3 mixes”..


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