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" Live As It Gets: Featuring Del The Funky Homosapien "

Truth be told, ” Del ” deserves more shines for his contribution to this thing we call Hip Hop…I wasn’t really feeling that “Gorillaz” shit, or that “Deltron” project with the Automator all that much, but he has plenty other releases that I give the thumbs up..

I Wish My Brother George Was Here, Future Development, Catch A Bad One, and some of his newer work properly showcase his off-kilter approach to crafting songs ….He is a true original….Who and the fuck sounds like ” Del ” ?..

Exactly…..No one…And contrary to popular belief, originality will always prevail over your average copy-cat type of M.C.’s…( I will write more about that in my book, stay tuned HAHAH )…

Anyway, here is a live performance by “D” back in 2002…Over an hour of Hiero goodies..

* My favorite quote—–“Give it up for Jam Master J, if ya’ll don’t give it up for Jam Master Jay I’m walking off this fucking stage right now”…….

I hear ya my brother !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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